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Sample sizes range from a small sample of 100 niche respondents to 2000 digitally active respondents

18 000+ panelists with a balanced spread of incomes, regions and race

Topline results in 7 days if required

Demographic, behavioural and lifestage markers give us insight into individual consumer

Businesses – Come on, get into your consumers heads!

Tap into your audience’s hearts and minds, see what’s in their trolleys, on their plates and what makes their hearts sing. Test concepts, communication and ads. Quick feedback to enable sound business decisions.

The ovatoyou base consists of 18 000+ people in South Africa and is growing daily…
In addition, we have expanded into Africa, with panels Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Mozambique.

"What's next, South Africa?" Report Two 2020

The pandemic that stole Christmas

A review of 2020 and what it holds for our festive season and 2021 - What's next, South Africa?

As the year finally draws to a close, we can reflect on what can only be called unparalleled to anything we’ve ever experienced before in our generation. But let us not indulge in wishful thinking and expect that when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, that this will all be over; we are still in the thick of it, with the second wave now confirmed. That said, we can look back and understand how this year of strive and strain has affected us, and what our subsequent behaviours have been. This is a follow up to the How are You Feeling South Africa? Report in May 2020 which can be downloaded below. 

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How are you feeling, South Africa - Report One May 2020

A study looking at the impact of Coronavirus on online South Africans and the considerations for businesses, NGO's and government

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Lancewood Quality Time Report

Lancewood intended to run a campaign focused on making the most of the time with the ones that you love.

In acknowledgement that families, friends and humans generally are maybe more disconnected than they have ever been, Lancewood has introduced a Quality Time pledge. ovatoyou ran a survey with our national panel of 18 000+ respondents and achieved a sample of 2000.

The campaign was largely PR driven in order to capture the media’s attention, they have used stats from the survey to fuel the conversation in the media about disconnection, family time and the “humble family meal”.

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