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Sample sizes range from a small sample of 100 niche respondents to 2000 digitally active respondents

18 000+ panelists with a balanced spread of incomes, regions and race

Topline results in 7 days if required

Demographic, behavioural and lifestage markers give us insight into individual consumer

Businesses – Come on, get into your consumers heads!

Tap into your audience’s hearts and minds, see what’s in their trolleys, on their plates and what makes their hearts sing. Test concepts, communication and ads. Quick feedback to enable sound business decisions.

The ovatoyou base consists of 18 000+ people in South Africa and is growing daily…
In addition, we have expanded into Africa, with panels Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Mozambique.

How are you feeling, South Africa - Report One May 2020

A study looking at the impact of Coronavirus on online South Africans and the considerations for businesses, NGO's and government


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